Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Reunited & It Feels So Good!

Well, I guess it's about time that I catch everyone up on what's been going on! I have been so busy, but life has been amazing and I am unbelievably happy! Jordan officially came home on November 27, 2013 :) He arrived around 1 o'clock and seeing him was one of the best things ever! I was super nervous for the first little while, but once I saw his face, all those nerves went away.  People always ask if I got a hug at the airport and the answer to that is, YES! I was very lucky to be able to hug my best friend at the airport.  After the airport, we all went to lunch and just hung out until Jordan was officially released around 6.  Being there when Jordan was released was not as easy as I thought it was going to be.  I definitely thought I would be shouting for joy, but it was very hard seeing Jordan have to leave something behind that he loved so much.  Just so everyone is clear, Jordan was really not weird or awkward coming home, he had a hard time leaving his mission, but he was the same Jordan I knew :)

Jordan and I have been very busy ever since he has been home.  We both had the week off after he returned home and we spent lots of time doing fun things like, going to temple square and festival of trees.

On Saturday, December 14th Jordan and I were supposed to go ring shopping, he told me that he had made an appointment at a place that his mom talked to him about. Well on Saturday as I was getting ready, the doorbell rang.  I thought that was strange seeing Jordan usually just walked in.  Well, at the door was my Bestie Kalee.  At first I was like what the crap is she doing? Is she picking up her tutu? (I borrowed it for Halloween) Well Kalee said, "Shaylyn I have a note from that Jordan wanted me to give you".  RIght then I knew that it was happening... why else would he give me a note and not show up?! Jordan was proposing :) On that note was a cute little poem explaining that I was going on an adventure and that Kalee was my ride. This clue led me to Jordan's house. I went from one end of the valley to the other getting clues, before I ended up at a baseball field where Jordan and I had spent some time together before and after his mission.  I got out of the car and looked down on the baseball field and there was Jordan, standing on the pitcher's mound, waiting for me :) He gave the speech, and I said yes :) He proposed with a diamond on a diamond. It was perfect! We are so excited and officially can say April 10th is the big day :) Jordan was and will always be worth the wait! Onto the next big chapter in our lives :)

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