Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Oscars...

While writing this, I'm watching the Oscars.  I always find awards shows somewhat fun to watch, I don't know why!  They are just barely starting but as I'm watching them, I'm reminded of all the movies that have been released during the last year.  Which makes me think of all of the movies that I have yet to see and would like too.  Not only that, but there have been so many great movies released since Jordan has been on his mission.  Which means... A LOT of movie nights when he returns! Granted he always falls asleep, but I mean... Avengers, Batman, Hunger Games, Sherlock Holmes, all have been released while he has been gone and those are definite movies that need to be seen! Luckily... I own all of them! haha.  That's one of my problems, movie buying! That's my main reason for Black Friday shopping but I must say... every time I risk my life on Black Friday... I get great deals and the DVD's I want :) Not to mention my TV series.  I've finally acquired enough dvd's that I have box fulls.  I've been trying to find a good way to store them but nothing quite fits what I want.  I would just buy a case or put them in a dresser or whatever but seeing I don't own my own place.. how they are being stored will have to do for now! I figure once Jordan and I get married I'll have a nice way to store them anyway :) I really want to just make a leaning book case or a custom dvd box! This is where I wish I was like a carpenter and could build them myself! OH well! Maybe someday i'll get that leaning bookcase....
I can't believe that we're at the end of another month.  March is just around the corner which is somewhat insane! As you can imagine, time passing quickly makes me happy though, I mean... only 9 months til Jordan comes home, 9!!! That's a baby people! I love going through the months saying "this is my last ______ without Jordan!" It really puts things into perspective and I must say... there is a light at the end of this tunnel!  Although I want time to fly by... I'm really trying to make the most of the time I have on my own.  like I've previously said in one of my other posts... I've learned so much during this wait and have grown in so many different ways!   but... I only have like 1 year guys and then I'm stuck with a boy forever..... so I gotta make the most of this time ;) I always joke with Jordan's family that this is my time to stay sane... because before long Jordan will be back, putting his clammy hands all over my face ;)
Not only is time dwindling with my wait... but time is slowly coming to an end with school! and all I can say is HALLELUJAH! I am so done with school.  I didn't think it could happen again but... SENIORITIS has hit!!!  I just don't have any drive to go to class... and don't care! You think I should... since it's kind of my career... haha but I'm just ready to be in the classroom teaching.  All of my friends from my cohort can relate!  We're all getting sick of each other and just want to be in the actual classroom! Luckily.... I HAVE MY STUDENT TEACHING ASSIGNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!! EEK! Is that not scary or what?!  I am going to be teaching 2nd grade starting in September! Well... technically I'll be in the same classroom for 3 weeks this semester, but actual student teaching.. 2nd grade! Hope they're ready for this because.... I am... I think :) I tend to freak myself with the whole idea.  I always second guess if I picked the right career or if I'll be a good teacher or... just all those worries!  I guess we'll find out!
In May I'm hopefully going to DISNEYLAND!!!! I'm so freaking excited! I haven't been to Disneyland since I was like... 9! So you can imagine how excited I am to go :) I don't quite know the details of the trip, that's why I say "hopefully" :) but I'm definitely ready to finish up the semester... see some sun... and SUMMER! 
Maybe we'll see some sun soon.... until the next time!

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  1. Eeee! Disneyland! I like, really love that place. I've only been twice since our program started. Ha. And yeah, this senioritis is slowly killingggg me...